Simpler and Safer than ever

The Zero-E - our first portable Power Station - is an incredibly quiet, powerful, and clean backup power supply for practically anything life throws your way.

Clean Power

It’s in the name! Our Zero-E unit offers zero emissions, zero waste, and zero hassle.

Ultra Quiet

The most advanced battery technology in the market that’s so powerful yet quiet.

Easy To Use

The best of all worlds also comes maintenance-free. Perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

Discover the Zero-E family

Not sure where to start? Let us help you find the one that’s right for you.

Clean, Sustainable Power

In the pursuit of the highest performance standards, we never wavered from the commitment to produce the cleanest generator possible. Enjoy zero emissions and zero waste, while leveraging the most advanced technology at your fingertips.

Incredibly Quiet For Any Task

Leverage the most advanced generator technology to give you a staggering 2000 Watts of continuous power with nearly zero sound. Take those quiet calls with a breeze while the Zero E powers up literally everything around you.

Exceptionally Safe & Easy-To-Use

The Zero E truly brings you the best of all words. With zero carbon monoxide and emissions, you never have to compromise safety for quality. Utilize all the easy-to-use yet advanced features with zero maintenance.

Easily Expandable For Even More Power

Add up to 10 expansion packs to power almost any task indoors (120V only).

Reliability & Hassle-Free At Its Best.

At FIRMAN, we are committed to constant innovation. We feel that it's not enough to be "as good" as the competition, so we strive to push all the boundaries with every product we seek out to create.

Make your most daring gaming endeavours a reality with EPS (Emergency Power Supply) electricity.
Home Power
Withstand storms and outages with the backup you need to power most of your household essentials.
Camping / Tent Camping / RV / Van Life
With Zero E, the great outdoors is truly yours to conquer. Have peace of mind with a backup power supply that’s as adventurous as you are.
Family Power
Stay prepared for almost any circumstance, so you and your family are never left vulnerable without the backup power you need.