Introduction to the FIRMAN ZERO E

FIRMAN’s desire to offer powerful and performant products just got more versatile. Our commitment to integrity and innovation took us a step further: FIRMAN is bringing its first battery-powered, rechargeable generator to the market – the ZERO E.

The ZERO E provides portable and expandable power, which means you can customize the amount of power packs used to meet your needs. With the built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply), there is no fear of unexpected blackouts, and the easy-to-use control panel lets you know how much power you’re using until power is restored. 

The ZERO E offers the same primary function as all the FIRMAN generators we love, but simpler and safer than ever. This product is safe to use indoors, in small spaces and in urban areas where traditional generators are restricted.

How does the ZERO E work?

FIRMAN’s supercharging technology allows you to charge the ZERO E up to 80% in one hour. It can be used and recharged with nearly any port. You can charge the ZERO E using 120V power from a household source or generator, on up to 400 watts of solar power or even on 12V power from a vehicle as you drive. Even from a regular USB-C used for a computer.

Once it is fully charged, the ZERO E provides an impressive 1040W hours of power and sports a brand-new Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with 4000 cycles. Choose from 120V, 30 amps, USB and USB-C outlets and even wireless phone charging to simultaneously power multiple items… and let the good times roll. 

Need more power?  Add Zero-E Slide-Lock batteries by simply sliding them onto the bottom of the Zero-E Energy Storage System. With the ability to scale up to 10 expansion packs, for a total system maximum capacity of 11,440 Watt Hours, households and professionals should have more than enough power to weather the storm.

The ZERO E is the first gasless, portable energy storage system which means it is maintenance free, carbon-monoxide free, environmentally friendly, and incredibly quiet. Built for reliability, FIRMAN Power Equipment brings you the next generation of simple, sustainable, portable power.