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Our exclusive affiliate program is designed to help content creators, bloggers, and publishers monetize their traffic while working together to spread the word about our top of the line FIRMAN’s products.

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Tell us about your past activities & future plans. Our team will review and select the right candidates.


Share your excitement about FIRMAN products and help us provide backup power to all who need it.


Enjoy gifts of SWAG, exclusive discounts, percentages of sales, and even complimentary generators.

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Our Affiliates are a powerful resource and help to create a sense of community among our customer base. These passionate supporters of FIRMAN Power Equipment aren’t just fans - they are the biggest cheerleaders for our company and mission.

They spread the word about FIRMAN through their social media accounts, word of mouth, and in person, and use their influence and networks to help spread the word about all that FIRMAN has to offer. 

If you’d like to become involved as a FIRMAN Affiliate or know someone who would love to promote our products and mission, connect with us today!

Affiliate Benefits

All Affiliate will receive:

FIRMAN SWAG including but not limited to shirts, hats, mugs, tumblers, stickers & more.

A personalized coupon code and associated QR code with a special discount on FIRMAN products.

Products and percentage of sales depending on level of engagement.

Affiliate Sign Up Form

Thank you for your interest in Firman’s Affiliate Program. We encourage participation in our affiliate program, and we look forward to assisting those that show enthusiasm and promise for positive recognition. We are excited to hear about your past activities and your future plans. Those accepted into our product affiliate program should plan to submit updates monthly, throughout the year as well as at year-end.

Participants who show proof of activity, gain notoriety and publicity in a positive manner will most likely be renewed for the following year. If you feel you will not be able to fulfill these obligations, please do not apply.

A full list of Affiliate Program responsibilities will be sent out to those who are selected. It will include full list of requirements and benefits.

Merci de nous avoir avoir contacté. Nous vous reviendrons le plus rapidement possible.
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