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Model: e201001

Zero E Portable Expandable Power Station

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At FIRMAN, we may not have invented the generator. But we perfected it!

Introducing the most advanced and sustainable energy in the industry — A Lithium Iron Phosphate Portable Power Station with expandable slide locking technology to power almost anything life throws your way.

Our first Portable Power Station ever brings you clean power that’s easy to use in an incredibly quiet and powerful machine. Expand up to 10 portable power packs, so no circumstance is ever too much.

Get the best of both worlds with dependable power for almost everything you need, that’s also good for the environment. Enjoy the best performance, quality, and reliability standards, with zero emissions, zero maintenance required, and almost zero sound.

FIRMAN Power Pack +1000

Power Pack +1000

Portable Power Station


In FIRMAN, we are always striving for the best in portable powerhouses. We take pride in our generators' impeccable performance and design. 

The ZERO-E is packed with features that prepare you for almost any situation you find yourself in, indoors. 

We are proud to have designed a portable power station that is not only highly reliable, ultra-quiet, and incredibly safe, but is also great for the planet we live in.

Charge Up To 80% of the Battery In Just 1 Hour

Double Your Power Supply With Parallel Support

With An Easy-To-Use Control Panel 

No More Unexpected Blackouts With Built-In UPS

More Than 4000 Charge Cycles to 80%+ Capacity

Flexible Design To Allow Scaling Up To 10 Expansion Packs



1 Hour to 80%

Quick Charge


Continous Power


Peak Power

What's Included ?

also in the box

AC Charging Cord

Manual Included

MC4 to EC5 DC Charging Cord

Storage Bag

Car Charging Cable (Cigarette Lighter to EC5)


ZERO-E’s easy-to-use control panel puts you in control. With zero required maintenance, effortlessly enjoy one of the most advanced portable power stations for almost any task indoors.


At FIRMAN, we never compromise on safety in bringing you the most advanced generators in the industry. 

The ZERO-E portable power station is a safe yet powerful for most of your indoors power needs — with zero emissions and zero carbon monoxide.


FIRMAN’s supercharging technology allows you to charge the ZERO-E up to 80% in just ONE hour. The ZERO-E can be charged using any one of the following:
- 120 Volt Power from a house or a generator
- Up to 400 Watts of Solar Power
- With 12 Volt Power from a vehicle
- USB-C (Bidirectional x 1) charging 5V⎓3A/9V⎓3A/12V⎓3A/15V⎓3A/20V⎓4.95A 99W

Charge almost any device with a large selection of outlet options:
- [4] 120 volt AC outlets
- [1] 30 AMP RV Ready Outlet
- [4] USB-A outlets
- [2] 100 Watt USB-C Outlets
- Wireless Phone Charging
- USB-C power delivery input and output
- RV-ready with TT30R outlet

Reliable, Durable Battery Performance

Charge up to 80% of the battery in an hour. The ZERO-E’s LiFePO4 battery chemistry is built to give you over 4000 charge/discharge cycles (vs. 500 cycles with a competitor's NMC battery).

Versatile Outlet Configuration

[4] 120 volt AC outlets, [ 1] 30 AMP RV Ready Outlet, [4] USB-A outlets, [2] 100 Watt USB-C Outlets, ​​Wireless Phone Charging, USB-C power delivery input and output, RV-ready with TT30R outlet

Expandable Power

The ZERO-E is easily stackable to up to 10 extension power packs — the only ESS unit in the market with interlocking slide battery attachments. So you can have the power you need for almost any task indoors.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

The most advanced battery technology on the market - so powerful yet quiet. You won’t even believe it’s running.


With zero emissions, using extra power will never be a guilty pleasure, no matter what the job or circumstance.


At FIRMAN, we are constantly pushing the boundaries, so that you can do the same in every aspect of your life. This is strong, safe, and eco-friendly power you can take almost anywhere.

Designed to serve you


RV & Camping

Home Backup

Computer 200W

Console 150W

TV 58.6W

Mini Fridge 75W

Speaker 100W

Fan 60W

Portable A/C 1200W

Furnace Fan 80 to 150watts/hour

Lights 18W

Fan 60W

Cell phone 7W


Refrigerator 200W

Microwave 1700W

Computer 450W

Lamps 45W

TV 85W

Internet 15W


As one of the world's largest manufacturers of portable generators, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality of our products. The ZERO-E is packed with features that prepare you for almost any situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

No specifications available for this product.


The ZERO-E’s expandable slide locking technology allows you to scale up to 10 expansion packs to power any circumstance or adventure.


E201001 Operators Manual (English)


E201001 Operators Manual (French)


E201001 Operators Manual (Spanish)


E201001 QSSG (English)


E201001 QSSG (French)


E201001 QSSG (Spanish)


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