What Generator Do I Need

What Generator Do I Need?

The portable generator’s market is growing…. Fast. With so many options, how can you pick the best generator for your needs?

Have you ever lived through a natural disaster, been out of power for days or weeks, and seen your resources going to waste?

Do you have a lively outdoor life or love gathering with friends and family in uncommon places? Are you willing to be self-reliant, own a cabin in the woods or enjoy working on homemade projects?

Do you need strong and reliable power for your workplace? 

A FIRMAN generator will come in handy in so many situations. Whether it is for Work, Play or Storm, FIRMAN consistently makes sure to provide the highest quality of equipment to support you and your family on your journey.

First question you need to ask yourself is, what do I need power for? This will help you determine what Wattage and Run Time you require.

  1. Determine the devices you need to run simultaneously, record the running and starting Watts of all devices.
  2. Add the Running Watts of all appliances selected and record that number as your Total Running Watts.
  3. Identify the device with the Highest Additional Starting Watts requirement and record that number.
  4. Make sure the total running Watts of all devices plus the highest starting Watts combined will fit your generator requirements.

Please refer to our Wattage Reference Guide if needed: Wattage Chart

Also, keep in mind the main Rule: Watts = Volts x Amps. This is an easy formula that will help you determine what power you need and what generator you should buy accordingly (if it is either a 120V or 120/ 240V generator and if you need 20, 30 or 50 Amps).

Then, ask yourself, how do I want to use them with the fuel resources I have?

If you are looking for back-up power in case of emergencies, we recommend our Dual Fuel (Gasoline/Propane) or Tri Fuel generators (Gasoline/Propane/Natural Gas). They can take up to 8000W so you will never be out of power. Propane and Natural Gas generators require less maintenance (you don’t have to worry about old gasoline in the gas tank). Choose wisely, as we don’t allow any kind of modification on our generator. You cannot convert a Dual Fuel generator into a Tri Fuel generator.

If you need a powerful, reliable generator for work or back up power, our Performance Series are the way to go. They can deliver up to 93000W today and soon to be 12000W to make it through anything if you give them proper love and maintenance. Once again, look at the Watts and determine what would be the best option for you needs.

Finally, our WHISPER series Inverters are the way to go for silent power, RV’s and camping trip. They can handle the finest electronics and minimize power fluctuations thanks to a low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 3%. They are nice, quiet, good looking, USDA approved and can deliver up to 3300Watts. If the neighbors are coming and the party gets bigger, you can even plug two of them together to increase the total output.

Last question you should ask yourself is, who will be using the generator? Some of our FIRMAN generators have remote control so you can start them from the comfort of your couch. Some of them have an electric start, some are only Pull-Start.

Keep in mind that none of our Dual Fuel or Tri Fuel generators have the remote option. Please once again, choose wisely, as we don’t allow any kind of modifications on your FIRMAN, this would void the warranty.

We hope this article will help you make up your mind. And don’t worry if you are still indecisive… your friends at FIRMAN are always here to help, and we have certified technicians available 7 days a week.