How to store my FIRMAN generator?

The end of November announces the end of Hurricane season. Our thoughts go to our Louisiana people who were touched by Ida, along with the victims of the Texas Winter Storm and other tropical storms. No one can understand the devastating power of a natural disaster until you have to live it.

Good news is, the 2021 Hurricane season is over, and it could be time for you to store your FIRMAN generator. Storage will depend on what fuel you are using and what future needs you will have.

If you are only using Propane or Natural Gas, you can skip directly to the last paragraph of this article as both fuels require less storage maintenance.

If you are using it on gasoline, you cannot leave gas in the gas tank for more than 1 month and a half. If you do so, you will end up with a clogged carburetor and may encounter difficulties starting it.

  • If the unit is used infrequently (occasional camping trips, unregular power outages…), the best way to store your FIRMAN would be to:
  1. Add a properly formulated Fuel Stabilizer to the tank to increase the life of the gasoline.
  2. Run the generator at least 30 mins every month.
  3. Fuel Starvation: run the generator, then close the fuel shut off valve and allow the unit to run until it stops by itself. This will dry out all remaining gasoline in fuel lines and carburetor. 

Shut off Valve tip. On the Inverters, you just need to turn the fuel valve off. For Dual Fuel Inverters, move the fuel valve to the propane position. On Performance series, you can just turn the fuel valve off at the bottom side of the gas tank. On Hybrids series, the shutoff valve is the 1 o’clock position.

Depending on which gas stabilizer you are using, you can leave gas in the tank from 6 months to 2 years.

  • If you are not planning on using your FIRMAN generator for a long period of time, follow these instructions to avoid engine problems:
  1. Add a properly formulated Fuel Stabilizer to the tank if not already added.
  2. Operate the engine for 5-10 minutes to circulate treated fuel into fuel lines and carburetor before shutdown.
  3. After engine cools down, remove all gasoline from the fuel tank by opening the screw at the bottom of the carburetor using a Phillips Head screwdriver. Let the gas runs out through the tube.
  4. Turn Fuel Selector switch to “OFF” position

For optimum storage, cover the unit and store in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight. Never use water to clean your generator. If unit is stored for more than a year, change oil before use.

Last but not least, if your generator has a battery, you should disconnect it using the quick connect- disconnect. Let it plugged in into a 12V DC Battery maintainer. Or you can also use a 12V battery charger for a shorter amount of time.

We hope this article will help you preserve your FIRMAN as long as possible. Because you always need to be ready for unexpected situation. Before the next Hurricane season, we recommend using your generator at least 2 months in advance, 30 mins a month, to make sure everything is running properly. And once again, you can always call our certified Technicians in Peoria, Arizona, 7 days a week for great customer service.