General Maintenance

Have you been wondering...? How can I make my FIRMAN generator last FOREVER?

Your generator is like any other relationship. At the beginning, you will be obsessed by the way it looks and runs, how smooth it feels, you will be looking for that little spark repeatedly and you will find any excuse to spend time with it. But, let us be honest, you will still have to put a little sweat in it to make it last forever. Don’t be scared, it’s easier than human relationships and we have something for it… Maintenance!

Oil is number 1. For the first time using it, make sure you fill up your FIRMAN with the full bottle of oil. Do your first oil change after 25 hours and then every 100 hours. Let me tell you a great TIP you need to remember: check the oil prior to each use or at least every 8 hours of operation and get the right level, you need to dip the dipstick in, do not screw it in…

Gas. Please fill up at least 1/3 of the gas tank to start your generator. Do NOT leave old gas in the gas tank, and even worse…in the carburetor. Gas lasts 3 weeks so for infrequent use, you should add gas stabilizer and still change your gas every 6 months. Also, make sure to drain the carburetor before storing it. For that, just shut off the fuel valve and let it run dry. A piece of cake and your carburetor will thank you later.

Do not forget to regularly check the spark plug, spark arrester in the muffler, gas and air filters. They’re not only easy to access and verify, but they will also make you feel great. Once accomplished, they will give you a proper reason to step back and relax. Or even sip on a fresh beer…

Finally, after many hours of use, and depending on the gas you are using, the altitude you are at, the outside conditions… the engine might need a little help. Combustion chamber cleaning to avoid carbon build up and valves adjustments are one of the maintenance steps we recommend to improve your FIRMAN generator performance and extend its life. Once it’s done, it will feel like having a brand-new generator.

All these maintenance procedures are well explained in the manual under the “Maintenance Schedule” and we also have a great Technical Support Team you can call or email.

Let us help you make this little beauty last forever. And let me tell you, it is worth trying.