Insider view of our FIRMAN family | Jason Sutton

FIRMAN Power Equipment is laser focused on Performance, Innovation, Value and Service. This is no small task and requires the dedication of a remarkable team of individuals. When our team leaders speak about accomplishments and goals we've exceeded they always begin and end with thanking each and every individual on the team for making the dream a reality. I'm not exaggerating, it's uplifting to hear them shoutout to every department and their stellar contributions. Individuals are applauded for their hard work, dedication, individualism, questioning our strategies and the offering of new ideas. We're encouraged to cornerstone our uniqueness. All while they support our growth and motivate us to dream bigger. Most importantly, they allow everyone's voice to be heard. 

Being a part of the FIRMAN family has changed who I am as an individual. Seeing the inter-workings of our team and the true foundation that this company is built on. This is how the "Faces of FIRMAN" initiative came to fruition. I wanted to give you an insider view. I'm taking a behind the scenes look at all the rock stars who make FIRMAN Power Equipment the remarkable company that it is. My name is Megan Sturycz, Social Media Manager at FIRMAN. I am stoked to share with you our very first interview introducing Jason Sutton. He is the Face of FIRMAN, and as one of the founding members has been on the team since the day FIRMAN was founded six years ago. 

Jason is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, although you wouldn't gather that "executive vibe" from him if you met him. He's down to earth and charismatic. He doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty working side-by-side on any task. He wears many hats, from managing some key accounts to planning and executing all our trade shows and events. He even gets to have a lot of fun working with our social media and marketing departments. Not to mention the countless projects behind the scenes he's spearheading. He's a natural-born leader, who values the work and respects every person he interacts with. 

You might have seen Jason on our weekly LIVE stream videos. His extensive product knowledge provides detailed product reviews and sneak peaks on new things coming to the market. He does product demonstrations while delivering insider footage at the shows. He is the source of truth for all things FIRMAN generators. When asked what he aspired to be, if this was the career he envisioned himself doing. He answered, "I thought I wanted to work with computers because that was all the rage when I was growing up. It turns out I am much better at working with people. I really love doing sales and interacting with our customers and retail partners." His peers, customers and viewers have said that his compassion shows in all that he does.

Enough about work, his thrilling hobbies are too exciting not to share. He's mentioned on our LIVEs that he enjoys doing a lot of camping! He's the "go to" person when you want to know the best gadgets or camping chairs for any occasion. He has chairs for any experience or person who shows up at his campsite! His family loves to off road in a Can Am Maverick X3. He's super proud of his wife’s big, lifted Jeep Gladiator. You know what they say, sometimes the road less traveled is because drivers don't have a Jeep. Sounds like Jason and his family like to make their own adventures with those sweet toys. 

His face lit up and his words always overflowing with pure joy when he talks about his family. "A good marriage is one where each partner secretly suspects they got the better deal." A quote that always comes to mind when I think of the Suttons. He's been married for 29 years! They have one daughter who is 25 and is an Art Director working in advertising in New York. They have a sweet dog named Max who is a 13 year old, Shiba Inu, who acts like a puppy most of the time. Jason was born and raised in Orange County, CA, live in Maryland for 3 years and has lived in Arizona now for 22 years. 

I couldn't help but ask what his favorite generator was. I must say I wasn't surprised it had to do with his adventurous lifestyle. Jason loves the W03383 inverter. He personally uses one to power his Toy hauler.  He said, "It’s remote start so it'll fire up his cup of joe. The convenience of throwing some cinnamon rolls in the convection oven without having to start our noisy on-board generator or go out into the cold to start the portable gen is gratifying."

Had to laugh when he mentioned his favorite color is "FIRMAN Black and Gold!" What a die-hard fan for this company. One of his best memories working for FIRMAN are the annual Christmas parties that have always been epic! It's definitely a cool experience to be a part of. Everyone comes together dressed to impress for great conversations, tasty food and some of the most seasoned karaoke entertainment. Well, I've already told you too much but I hope you enjoyed our first "Faces of FIRMAN" interview. I am honored to be sharing our teams individual stories with you. 


Interviewee: Jason Sutton | Author: Megan Sturycz | Date: 2.15.22