Every Generator Tells a Story | Building a Legacy

Starting your own business, being self-employed, free-lance or independent contractor requires a lot of tenacity and hardship. You will have to learn how to be comfortable with uncertainty and instability. Being your own boss is a dream for many, but there’s no denying that self-employment comes with a degree of risk.

FIRMAN has been supporting small businesses since day one: food trucks, farmers and ranchers, carpenters, construction laborers, free-lancers… because we love the uncertainty of the unknown and the reward that comes with it. One of FIRMAN’s main goal, is to give our customers the support and proper tools they need so they can reach that feeling of independence and freedom.

Rick Lake always had this entrepreneurial spirit. Carpet cleaning business, kitchen remodeling, Baseball coach and mentor for kids, from Montana to Phoenix, AZ… nothing can stop him. Ideas and opportunities are endless when you are passionate about what you do. Being able to power his tools wherever and whenever he needs, has been a tremendous help to start Ricks Revamp Kitchen and Bath remodeling business.

You will discover Rick’s story in this new Episode of Every Generator Tells a Story. Solely navigating himself through the ups and downs, Rick is a true definition of what it takes to Build a Legacy. 

At FIRMAN, we believe that inspiration triggers motivation. This is why we love sharing our customers’ stories to the world as each one is unique. And you, what is your FIRMAN story?


Building a Legacy from Firman Power Equipment on Vimeo.