Camping With a Generator: The Ultimate Experience

Nothing beats experiencing the outdoors. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of a noise-filled life is always something we value. Here at FIRMAN, we love to camp. We also love the convenience of having electricity readily available when we camp.

Why do I need to bring a generator with me for camping?

You may have wondered what it would be like to have electric power readily available when you’ve gone camping. When you’re out in the wilderness you realize how easy it is to take electricity for granted, but those days are long gone with the portability and variety of options that our generators offer to ensure you have the ultimate camping experience.

What can you power with a generator?

The answer is simple: Anything and everything that requires power.

Experience camping in a whole new way. Want to power your Van, Camper, or RV? Now you can do that, and much more! Brew a hot cup of coffee with your favorite coffee maker, charge your batteries, keep yourself cool or warm by turning on your AC unit, and make movie night under the stars possible with a movie projector.

The only limit is what you bring with you when you go camping. Explore the many possibilities that a power generator can bring to your next camping trip.

What Generator should I bring with me?

First, we must consider our electrical needs to ensure we bring the right generator with us. We’ve made a guide on our FIRMAN website to help you with just that.

Secondly, we must consider the decibel level the generator outputs. National Park Service states that machinery must not exceed a noise level of 60 decibels at a distance of 50 feet. All our featured generators comply with National Park Service standards of maximum decibels level allowed.

Below, we will highlight our favorite generators for camping because of their portability, versatility, and legendary reliability.

The Whisper Series Power Generators:


The FIRMAN WH03242 is a 3200-watt 30A electric start RV-ready portable generator. It is a Dual Fuel generator that uses gasoline or propane for the best of both worlds.

It runs at a quiet 58 decibels, well below National Park standards. This means you can also run it during quite hours.

This generator comes with Parallel capability so you can connect it with another generator for added power and run time.

The WH03242 Come with a 12V battery cable, LPG regulator (0.8m).


A lightweight option weighing only 54 lbs., The W01785 is perfect for those who value portability.

ECO mode allows for optimized fuel efficiency when powering lighter loads.

Running at a quiet sound of 59dB (at ¼ load), this portable generator also sits below National Park Standards.

This generator also has parallel capability so you can connect another generator for added power when needed.

Battery Powered Generator:

The Zero E

Our First gasless generator ever, the Zero E features an advanced Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery. That means you can run this generator inside your Van, Camper, RV, or even your tent without the worry of emissions like carbon monoxide.

You won’t notice the noise coming from the Zero E, but you will notice the power that this generator is producing. The Zero E makes virtually no noise at all.

This generator produces clean energy, so you can power up all your sensitive electronics with peace of mind.

You can also add power and run time by stacking additional Power Packs to the Zero E head unit - Stack up to 10 units!                                       

The Whisper Series Inverter Generators and our brand new Zero E units can provide the clean power needed to your sensitive electronics. Match that with their parallel capabilities for added power and you’re all set for the ultimate camping experience.

Whether its you’re camping with Van, Camper, or RV; FIRMAN has you covered.