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Model: b104201

FIRMAN Power Pack +1000

$1,399.99 USD
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Looking for more power than the base ZERO-E? You've come to the right place.

With FIRMAN, you can connect as many as 10 power packs to your ZERO-E.

These stackable power packs will give your ZERO-E the boost to tackle almost any task. They are powered by the same gasless, sustainable technology - zero emissions and no maintenance required.

Ultra-quiet, clean, and dependable power for everything you need — and also good for the environment. So you can do all the things you ever wanted to do, guilt-free.

Note: The ZERO-E Power Pack only works as an add-on to the ZERO-E, and not on its own.

Zero E Portable Expandable Power Station

Zero E

Portable Power Station


Add extra power to your ZERO-E PORTABLE POWER STATION with the Power Pack+ 1000, for almost any challenge life may throw your way. 

Inspired by the same unparalleled commitment to quality, we take pride in the impeccable performance of our generators and accessories. 

Stack up to 10 Power Pack+ 1000s to your ZERO-E and conquer your tasks the FIRMAN way! 

We are proud to have designed a portable power station system that is not only highly reliable, ultra-quiet, and incredibly safe, but is also great for the planet we live in.

3-Year Warranty

1040 Watt-Hour Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery

Weighs only 26.5 lbs

Scalable up to 10 expansion packs (with ZERO-E Head Unit)

Over 4K Cycles to 80%+ Charge

Zero Emissions, Zero Fumes



1 HOUR to 80%

Quick Charge

41.6 V

25 Ah


Slide Lock-in Technology


With FIRMAN, you are always in control. The Power Pack+ 1000 lets you slide in added power and take your ZERO-E to the next level.

Enjoy our lateset addition to a range of advanced portable power stations, for almost any task, indoors or sheltered.


Adding to the lineup of the some of the safest generators and power accessories ever built, FIRMAN has rigorously stuck to its impeccable standards of safety.

Unlike fossil fuel generators, the Power Pack+ 1000 — like the ZERO-E — is built for the indoors, with zero emissions and zero carbon monoxide. 


Charge the Power Pack+ 1000 effortlessly with any one of these options to add extra power to your Zero-E Portable Power Station:
- AC Charger 200W — Input: 110V - 230V, 50/60Hz
- MPPT Charger 400W max. — 95% MPPT Efficiency Input:10V - 70V
- DC Input Port (XT60) Rated up to 45.5V/20A.
- USB-C (Bidirectional x 1) 5V⎓3A/9V⎓3A/12V⎓3A/15V⎓3A/20V⎓4.95A 99W. The total charg port- Expansion Port 41.6V / 65A max.


At FIRMAN, the most durable, gassless generator only keeps getting better. You can effortlessly add more power to your ZERO-E to conquer most of your task.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries, so that you can do the same in every aspect of your life. 


As one of the world's largest manufacturers of portable generators, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality of our products. The ZERO-E Portable Power Station and the Power Pack+ 1000 are packed with features that prepare you for almost any situation you find yourself in. (120V only).

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