The ZERO E: EPS Safe and Easy to Use

The FIRMAN Zero-E Energy Storage System makes power available when you need it. The Zero-E produces no emissions which means you can use it in your home, apartment, RV or vehicle.  Boasting 2000 running watts and 4000 starting watts the Zero-E can power all types of small and medium size devices and appliances.  Use the pass-through EPS (Emergency Power Supply) technology to automatically back-up any important device.  

Want to make sure your refrigerator, freezer, modem & router, home security system, sump pump and other important electronic devices stay on during a power outage? Simply plug them into the Zero-E and plug the Zero-E into a wall outlet.  It will stay charged, pass power through to your devices and, in the case of an outage, switch to battery power in milliseconds.

The Zero-E Lithium Iron Phosphate technology provides over 4000 charge cycles ensuring long life and is safer than other lithium battery chemistries. Need more power?  Add Zero-E Slide-Lock batteries by simply sliding them onto the bottom of the Zero-E Energy Storage System.  It’s as simple as connecting a battery to a cordless drill!  Add up to 10 batteries for a total system maximum capacity of 11,440 Watt Hours!  

There are so many ways to connect to the Zero-E including: six 120V household outlets, one TT-30R RV 30Amp outlet, four USB-A outlets, two 100W USB-C outlets, a 12V Auto Cigarette Lighter Style outlet, a 12V DC 5521 outlet and a Qi Wireless phone charger!  Charging the Zero-E is equally versatile.  You can charge with 120V power from a household outlet or generator, with 12-volt power from a vehicle or by using up to 400 watts of solar power.  

Zero E Battery

The FIRMAN Zero-E Battery expansion pack with Slide-Lock technology provides an additional 1040-watt hours of power to the FIRMAN Zero-E Energy Storage System.  Connecting the Zero-E battery is as simple as connecting a battery to a cordless drill.  Just slide the Zero-E Battery into place until it locks.

To remove the battery, press the release and slide away!  Add even more capacity by connecting another battery to the bottom of the Zero-E Battery.  You can connect up to 10 batteries to one Zero-E Storage System!

The Zero-E Battery features a charging port which allows it to be charged independently from the Zero-E Energy Storage System.  When connected to a Zero-E Energy Storage System it can be charged as one single unit as well.  An onboard 100-watt USB-C port provides power for laptops, tablets, phones, drones, and anything else that can be charged using USB-C.  

Safe, reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate technology ensures long life with over 4000 charging cycles.