The ZERO E - Best Used For

FIRMAN brings its first battery-powered, rechargeable generator to the market – the ZERO E.

You won’t have to worry about power outages causing the loss of food in freezer or your ability to work and play from home, your van or RV. You could also explore, travel and step into the world with the freedom of knowing you are ready to face the unexpected.

Home BackUp Power

Natural disasters, extreme weather conditions and a growing demand for continuous and reliable power supply during blackouts haven’t gone unnoticed. North America is expected to be the largest market for Hone Backup power due to frequent blackouts.

The Zero E lithium iron phosphate portable Power Stack Station with expandable slide locking technology is the simple, modern solution to home power backup. With Zero emissions, zero maintenance and zero sound, the Zero E can be used inside until your main power is restored. This product is safe to use indoors, in small spaces and in urban areas where traditional generators are restricted. It can be used and recharged with nearly any port (even a regular USB-C used for a computer).

If you have an unexpected loss of power, the ZERO E storage system can keep your household essentials running: refrigerator, microwave, computer, lamps, fans, TV’s and internet.

Professional use/ Gaming

When companies depend on consistent power to keep their digital recordings, software, hardrives and video footage safe, they will now be able to rely on the FIRMAN Zero E power station. With the built-in UPS and the ability to scale up to 10 expansion packs, you should have more than enough power to weather the storm. The easy-to-use control panel lets you know how much power you’re using until power is restored. 

If you fly from work to gamer mode and never want to be without power, you can power your flat or living space through the ZERO E: fridge, office space, monitors, even powering your drone or electric skateboard… all plugged into one main device. Be ready, on the run with this Magical UPS from FIRMAN and when the rolling brown out occurs… just Play-On!

Outdoor Use

Whether you’re powering your RV, campsite, tailgate or celebrating with family and friends, the ZERO E gives you the freedom and flexibility to have the power you need, anywhere you want to go. As long as the ZERO E is used inside or covered area, possibilities are endless. You can charge the FIRMAN Zero E using up to 400 watts of solar power or even on 12V power from a vehicle as you drive.