Every Generator Tells a Story | Carve Your Own Path

Have you ever thought about reconverting your job carrier, learning new life skills or focusing on what matters the most to you and your environment? Welding is a first step to being self-reliable and can also become a fast-growing business. Nick Bocchicchio got the idea a while back. After being a Red Bull sponsored rock climber, he quickly became aware of the high potential and various advantages of welding.

First, everywhere in the world needs welders, and most places need more of them than are available. This makes welding a great trade, as a welder with descent work ethic will never be out of work opportunities. Becoming a welder requires no formal education, and sometimes, not even experience. The more you know, the better, but you can start from the bottom in a workshop and learn it all on the job.Welding within a workshop can be very satisfying, and there are plenty of skills you’ll learn on the job that help in everyday life. The mechanical aspect of a welder’s job will also teach you skills useful for working on cars, doing work on your house and property, and benefiting your fishing or hunting pursuits. Whatever else you spend your time doing, the practical skills learned in a workshop make life outside the workshop easier and more fun.

Last but not least, the welding industry is so diverse. There are many different metals you can learn to weld, and the types of projects seem to be endless. Variety keeps things interesting, while the familiarity of the weld itself, regardless of the type of metal or the welding process you’re using, is similar for ease of learning. Because these processes are similar, you could easily find jobs abroad and travel the world as a welder.

In this 2nd episode of "Every Generator Tells a Story”, we visit welder Nick Bocchicchio who owns his business NB Custom Metal Works. Developing incredible feats of engineering with his small crew in Goodyear, Arizona. Configuring metal into works of art, tanks, gates, and anything your heart desires. There is no mountain that he won't trek across, achieving the very best quality in everything he does. His two FIRMAN generators help him being mobile, achieving any work, anywhere and at any time.

We get a glimpse into his life as he carves his own path to the top!