RV life, Overlanding, Dry Camping: What Generator should I Pick ?

Camping could be the perfect get away from your everyday life. Or it could even become your everyday life. Getting away from work, responsibilities, traffic, expenses… could be just what you need. Exploring nature’s beauty, gathering with friends in unusual places, spending quality time with family, meeting wildlife on a hike or even reconnecting with your inner child!

No matter what kind of camping you decide to go for, we have the right generator for you. FIRMAN offers reliable, quiet, and versatile generators, ready to support you and your family on your journey.

Our WHISPER series Inverters are the way to go for silent power, RV’s and camping trip. They can handle the finest electronics and minimize power fluctuations thanks to a low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 3%. They are nice, quiet, good looking, USDA approved and can deliver up to 3600 Watts.

FIRMAN Whisper Series can provide up to 12 Hours Run Time on one tank of fuel. The Eco Mode also allows the engine speed to vary, depending on the load applied and maximize fuel efficiency.

  1. RV Lifestyle

If you are into the RV life, you could either go for a 3000+ Watt inverter or could choose to pick two smaller 1700 Watts inverters.

If you decide to pick a 3000+ Watt inverter, they are RV ready with a TT-30 (Travel Trailer) plug. They can be plugged directly into your RV with a 30Amps power cord and power everything you need. If the party gets bigger and you need 50Amps or more output, you can always use a 50Amps Parallel Kit (model number 1201) to plug two inverters together. 

Otherwise, if you decide to pick 2 smaller inverters, they will be lighter to carry around, you could use only one of them when needed and plug two of them together for more output.

  • Our W01781/W01782 inverters don’t have the TT-30 plug  but can be used with an adaptor L5-30P to TT-3R or even better, can also be used in parallel with a parallel kit, model number 1201.
  • Our W01682/W01784 inverters don’t have the TT-30 plug but can be used with an adaptor L5-30P to TT-3R or even better, can be plugged in parallel with the cables they come with.
    • What options should I pick from?

Make sure the generator you pick cover the wattage you need, like explained previously. Some of our 3000W inverters are dual Fuels and can be used on both Gasoline and Liquid Propane. Some of our Inverter Generators have the remote option and can be started from the comfort of your bed… Please note, none of our Propane generators have the remote option, so choose wisely!

    • What about my AC?

A 2900-3200W inverter will run a 13 500 BTU’s AC unit.
A 3300/3650W inverter will run a 15 000BTU’s AC unit.
Two smaller Inverters 1700/2100W will run up to a 15 000BTU’s AC unit.

    • What if my breakers trip and generator overloads?

You will probably have to turn on you AC unit first, wait for it to start before turning on your other appliances and batteries. Remember also if it overloads to turn off the battery charger while starting the AC unit. Surge watts are always higher than running watts. It is always best to start your generator with no load connected, then add each device one at a time.

  1. Dry Camping/ Van Life

If you are more on the minimalist side and travel with a van or occasionally with your 4x4, a smaller inverter W1700/2100 should be the way to go. They are extra light, easy to carry around and will power your basic needs. They could also just be used as backup power, in case of emergency. They are affordable and ready to use. They are also great for overlanding, hunting, or fishing trip.


With FIRMAN, enjoy your next camping trip with peace of mind. Get outdoors, travel and dive into the Unexpected… with comfort!