Fun Facts About Owning a FIRMAN Generator?

Fun Facts About Owning a FIRMAN Generator?

Whether you're doing something fun like camping or tailgating or you simply need to be able to keep the lights on, Firman is always there for you. Our generators are built to last and every generator is covered by an iron clad 3-year warranty.

1. Most power outages are weather-related. As the number and severity of extreme weather events rises, so does the likelihood of a blackout lasting 24 hours or more. Never be afraid of the dark again with FIRMAN generators.

2. According to the FDA, perishable food items should be thrown out once your refrigerator has been without power for as little as four hours. With the average consumer having an average of $450 inside their refrigerator/ freezer, the FIRMAN portable backup generator can save you from the expense of replacing more than the cost of the generator. FIRMAN generators have been preserving food for over 20 years.

3. Electricity travels at the speed of light -- more than 186,000 miles per second! WOW, FIRMAN generators can produce some serious speed!

4. The average decibel level of human speech in a normal conversation is between 55 and 65 decibels. At FIRMAN Power Equipment we offer many products that are less than the average speaking decibels so there’s no need to raise your voice.


5. 60% of homes, old and new, experience basement water problems, usually from storm surges that also cause power outages. In a time of need, FIRMAN’s portable generators can keep your sump pump going to keep your basement or crawlspace dry — including all the possessions you keep in those areas. FIRMAN is here to protect your family jewels!

6. Propane is one of the cleanest, lightest, simplest hydrocarbons in the universe. So clean, in fact, that propane is not considered a greenhouse gas. FIRMAN portable dual fuels use either gasoline or liquid propane. The choice is yours!

7. Construction rentals make up 47% of construction industry revenue. Giving the consumer the choice between buying and renting allows the nervous consumer to try it out first by renting. Then when they see how amazing the FIRMAN portable generator runs (are there any FIRMAN generators at rental?), they will want to own one.

8. It was reported in 2019 that 98 percent of organizations say one hour of downtime costs over $100,000... so literally every minute counts. Going without power for even an hour can be a major inconvenience — if not a major risk — to you, your clients, and customers. FIRMAN portable generators are one of the most reliable portable generators on the market.