FIRMAN NASCAR Raceway Experience

“Don’t be afraid to rely on the Unexpected. Because when you finally accept the certainty of the unknown, only then can you prepare accordingly.”

This is what happened to FIRMAN late October 2021. We received a call offering us to sponsor JJ Yeley race car on the Phoenix NASCAR event. An unexpected offer we couldn’t refuse… What an honor to participate in such a powerful, memorable, and thrilling event.
Drivers train for years and people prepare for months to attend the show. NASCAR isn’t just a race, it’s a lifestyle, symbol of American culture, history and freedom. Walking around the raceway, you can feel people’s effervescence mixed with a high level of enthusiasm and nervosity. Burnt tires smell and loud music give you those goosebumps only experienced in special moments.

From the FIRMAN team and family, we would like to thanks JJ Yeley who has been such a great and humble player. Proud of driving the FIRMAN’s colors, JJ is now part of our company history. We also have a huge esteem for all the people working around the raceway and making this event happen… full speed! One mistake can be a big deal in this industry.

But… did you know that it wasn't gasoline—but moonshine—that fueled the growth of stock car racing in Appalachia and led to the rise of NASCAR?

During Prohibition, distillers were gathering in secret locations throughout rural areas in the south, brewing up homemade spirits to sell under the radar and away from alcohol taxes and bans. Each hidden distillery needed to use runners-drivers and ordinary-looking cars who could smuggle moonshine from the stills to thirsty customers across the region. On the outside, the cars looked “stock,” normal enough to avoid attention. But inside, both the mechanics of the cars and the drivers behind the wheel were far from ordinary.

The vehicles were outfitted with heavy-duty shocks and springs, the seats in the back were usually removed so more booze could fit. High-powered engines gave the cars extra speed to outrun any cops and tax agents along the route. As for the drivers, they knew every path in the area like the backs of their hands, able to outpace those in pursuit, even turning off headlights and still successfully navigating. They became known for their high-speed reckless driving.

From the 1930s, once Prohibition had ended, one of these runners, Big Bill France, held a meeting with other drivers, car owners and mechanics to finally put in place some standardized rules for the races—thus NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, was born. The first official race was held two months later.

We are proudly sharing with you our FIRMAN x NASCAR video. Because at FIRMAN we do things differently, just like old school Moonshiners. Taking risks and relying on the Unexpected is what we stand for. And so should you, because with FIRMAN, your possibilities are endless.