Hurricanes are devastating, uncontrolled and make mankind feel tiny and powerless. How can we cope with them, what can we do? 

In a world found in increasing disruption, something must change so that we may continue to exist. Something about us, in the way we manage ourselves, our communities and our organizations. 

Charles Darwin recognized many years ago, that “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. He was right. What is relevant is the adaptation to change and the ability to adjust to a changing environment. 

In response to a Hurricane, we need to be ready to adapt to the uncertainty: Prepare, Accept, Forgive, and Recover. Disrupting with Urgency has always been one of FIRMAN’s core values. 

When Hurricane Ian came ashore on Florida’s Gulf Coast on September 28th it brought with it massive storm surge, winds, and devastating losses across the state. The consequences were brutal: countless homes were heavily damaged or completely destroyed. At the peak, 25% of the state experienced power outages during the storm; a week after the hurricane nearly 300,000 customers remained without power, according to the Florida Department of Emergency Management.    

In Response to that disastrous event, the FIRMAN ACTIVE SUPPORT TEAM (FAST) quickly mobilized resources and put boots on the ground to help some of Southwestern Florida’s residents. On Monday 10/3, the FAST team drove cross country and showed up at Lowe’s Parking lots in the Fort Meyers area, bringing parts, tools, knowledge, sweat and smiles! 

The team worked on generators at Lowe’s stores in Fort Meyers and Port Charlotte. Throughout the days, they repaired generators, gave away hot dogs cooked on pellet grills provided by Pit Boss, educated customers on their generator purchase, built just-purchased generators, listened to stories of flooding and hardship… and shared the FIRMAN love. 

In situations of crisis like this one, nobody can relate to victims’ losses and pain. Those rough seas can’t be changed and only with time can people heal and recover. Being able to adapt, react and help our community and customers is something FIRMAN takes pride in and will continue doing for years. And we will get better at it every time. 

With respect and love to all the Hurricane victims,