Every Generator Tells a Story | Our First FIRMAN

In the USA, across Europe or any developed countries, we take electricity for granted. At the flick of a switch or push of a button, we have light, heating and communication. We rarely even think about or appreciate the luck of being born into a country where energy is so readily available. This, however, is not the reality experienced by all. 

According to UNCTAD.org, half of the people in the least developed countries lack basic access to electricity, representing more than 760 million people (13% of the world). In Nigeria, millions of people rely on generators to provide electricity for their homes and businesses. Portable generators have become a way of life. 

In this episode of Every Generator Tells a Story, you will discover the story of an African family who freshly landed in Lagos, Nigeria. The storyteller, an ambitious and optimistic woman remembers very well when her husband, Jason, brought home their first FIRMAN Generator, “yellow and shiny”. Since that day, their health, productivity and living standards improved in a country where poverty and lack of basic necessities are predominant. 

This emotional and real-life story will give you a glimpse of the everyday challenges faced by the least developed populations. FIRMAN portable generators provide a way to improve their quality of life and bring hope, joy and endless opportunities. Access to electricity reduces poverty and powers devices that make daily living more efficient, freeing-up time to grow small businesses and the economy in other more creative ways. 

At FIRMAN, we love the opportunity to make such an impact of people’s life. We hope you enjoy this new episode of Every Generator Tells a Story. And tell us, what is your FIRMAN story?