Every Generator Tells a Story | Episode 1

At FIRMAN, we meet many inspirational people along the way, but Garie Chavez is one of a kind. This is why we decided to share his story as our first episode of “Every Generator Tells a Story”.

We had the realization that behind each FIRMAN generator sold, there is an individual who is living an either exciting, adventurous or threatening life experience. Behind each of those, there is a unique story that needs to rise. If you want to share yours with us, we would love to hear it.

Driving through a little community in Phoenix, Arizona in the middle of the hot summer, you certainly don’t expect to find such an eclectic wood oasis. Opening the doors of this Fractal Art Workshop, you will be seized by the warmth of Garie, the owner. You'll be embraced by the smell of fresh cut wood, paint, and vibrant electricity.

Garie has been influenced by many stimuli in his life. Spending most of his time on the beautiful island of Kauai, wandering along the beach, listening to old school Rock N’ Roll and guided by the voice of God. Since 2015, Garie has been creating this unique fractal art made of Recycled Wood and electricity. His mission is to recreate natures beauty into works of art for people’s home. Always with the strong desire to give back to others and his community.

The thing is, you can’t recreate a slow-motion lightning strike into wood without power. By owning two FIRMAN generators, Garie is able to create art everywhere and under any circumstances. As Garie explained so well, you should always be ready to face unexpected situations and make the best out of them.

Here's the first episode of “Every Generator Tells a Story”, full of inspiration. At FIRMAN, we believe that constantly adapting to a changing environment is the key to success. Always do everything that’s within your power to make good things happen and be ready to rely on the Unexpected.