Get the most out of your generator

10 STEPS - Get the Most Out of Your Generator

You are camping in the middle of nowhere, on a hot summer day, fridge’s full, no phone service. First day in, excited and looking forward to keeping this party going…. Except that your FIRMAN generator does not want to start. Looks like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, there is always a way. But first, carefully read this article as it will help you get the most out of your FIRMAN generator and avoid any stressful situation.

  1. Read the Operator’s Manual before first start and regularly after that. Everything you need to know is there.

  2. Take a look at our Blog Articles on how to store your generator or for Infrequent use. If you don’t plan on using it often, don’t forget to add Gas Stabilizer to the gas tank and let it run dry to drain all the gas out of the carburetor.

  3. Before the first use, add the Full bottle of oil it comes with. Do your oil changes accordingly to the Owner’s Manual (after the first 25 hours and then every 100 hours).

  4. You will find all the right information in the Manual and Blog Articles on the website: make sure to follow the FIRMAN Maintenance guidelines and schedule.
    1. Oil Change + Oil checks up (dip the dipstick in, don’t screw it in!
    2. Regularly Check Spark Plug & Spark Arrester for Carbon deposit and change if necessary
    3. Make sure Battery is fully charged and buy a Battery Maintainer for optimal use
    4. Make sure your Carburetor is not clogged because of old gas in it (we have instructions on how to clean it)

  5. Start your unit regularly, especially if you know a Natural Disaster is coming its way or if you have to use your Generator soon enough. Don’t wait for the last minute! You might need to call our amazing Tech Support to troubleshoot or order parts and it could take a few days to get there.

  6. Please keep in mind, during Hurricane Seasons, parts are hard to get. Better be safe than sorry, start your generator regularly 2 months prior to it.

  7. Keep your generator in a dry place, covered, out of humidity. Also, be aware of pesky rodents! They can be really threatening for wiring, and damages aren’t covered by the warranty. Make sure you keep your unit out of rats, squirrels and others.

  8. Make sure you have the right accessories, power cords and Parallel Kits (if needed). They are all available on our website. If you own a Tri Fuel generator, don’t forget to get the Natural Gas Hose as it does not come with the generator.

  9. Always keep your FIRMAN outside while in use, 20 feet away from any doors or windows, the exhaust pointing away.

  10. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call our Amazing Support Team at 844-347-6261, available in English, Spanish and French. Take notes and keep your FIRMAN hot and running!