In anticipation of our upcoming sponsorship of the United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC) and Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship this year, taking place on October 6th – October 9th, we wanted to give you a quick update on what is happening during the USDGC and Throw Pink Championship.

We are very proud to power the USDGC this year and provide FIRMAN generators to the Men’s and Women's Champions of the tournament as part of their prize winnings.


This year we will be showcasing our generators along with our brand new ZERO E Power Station. Enter our raffle for a chance to win a W03386! Our FIRMAN technicians will be at the event to answer any questions you may have about our generators as well.


Friends and long-time players of the sport, Harold Duvall, Jonathan Poole, and Dave Dunipace began planning the tournament that would shape the future of Disc Golf’s competitive scene and make it what it is today. Since USDGC’s inception in 1999, the tournament has always been held at Winthrop University’s Disc Golf Course.  Running strong 23 years later, USDGC is setting the bar even higher this year.

The USDGC combines all players who qualify into a single division. This includes an open qualifying round allowing players of any age and skill level to compete for the championship.

This year, Paul McBeth defends his title against last years runner ups, Kyle Klein, and Ricky Wysocki.

Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship

In collaboration with the USDGC, Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championships (TPWDG) shares a rich tournament history with Winthrop University Disc Golf Course. The Original Throw Pink tournament was held in Winthrop University in 1999. Be sure to watch out for the returning 2021 TPWDG champion, Missy Gannon, who is looking to defend her title this year.

USDGC Monday Qualifying

The qualifying rounds will be taking place on October 3rd on the Winthrop Arena Course. Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) membership is not required to compete in the qualifying rounds. However, you must join the PDGA or renew your membership and complete the PDGA Official’s Exam to play in the USDGC.

US Distance Championship

This competition is all about power and distance. The event will take place on October 3rd.  The event is free to USDGC and TPWDGC participants and there will be a $50.00 charge for non-USDGC qualifiers. This means that ANYONE can join this event and compete to win our prize generator, the P09201, for the men’s and women's champions.

We will also host a Closest to The Pin event where participants can win W03386.

Last year’s winner for the men’s division, Albert Tamm, won with a distance of 646 ft.

Last years winner for the women’s division, Natalie Ryan, won with a distance of 458 ft.

USDGC Doubles

The USDGC Doubles is an Amateur only event. This year they are introducing the first ever Amateur women’s division for the Doubles event.

This year, doubles Micah Growth & James Corbin defend their title.


Join us for our first ever sponsorship of the USDGC. We hope to see you there!

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