Insider view of our FIRMAN family | Greg Marchand

FIRMAN Power Equipment is laser focused on Performance, Innovation, Value and Service. This is no small task and requires the dedication of a remarkable team of individuals. When our team leaders speak about accomplishments and goals we've exceeded they always begin and end with thanking each and every individual on the team for making the dream a reality. I'm not exaggerating, it's uplifting to hear them shoutout to every department and their stellar contributions. Individuals are applauded for their hard work, dedication, individualism, questioning our strategies and the offering of new ideas. We're encouraged to cornerstone our uniqueness. All while they support our growth and motivate us to dream bigger. Most importantly, they allow everyone's voice to be heard. 

Being a part of the FIRMAN family has changed who I am as an individual. Seeing the inter-workings of our team and the true foundation that this company is built on. This is how the "Faces of FIRMAN" initiative came to fruition. I wanted to give you an insider view. I'm taking a behind the scenes look at all the rock stars who make FIRMAN Power Equipment the remarkable company that it is. My name is Megan Sturycz, Social Media Manager at FIRMAN. I am stoked to share with you our second interview introducing Greg Marchand. He is our Compliance and Risk Manager in the Product Development department. He's been with FIRMAN since November 2019. 

Greg is our fearless Safety & Compliance leader, with an extensive background that would blow your mind. Just to highlight his expertise here are few notable accomplishments. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. It's no surprise that Greg wanted to be an engineer and wanted to design and build things when he grew up. He's a member of Code Panel 13 of the National Electric Code - responsible for generators, transfer switches and energy storage systems. He was the Technical Chair when the Portable Generators Manufacture Association developed the first industry accepted and most recognized Carbon Monoxide shut down system requirements. With experience like this, you can see why he is such a valuable and instrumental part of our team here at FIRMAN. His dedication, drive and passion are unmeasurable traits that are valued by us all. 

Check out Greg Marchand in this FIRMAN live video about CO Alert Technology. Watch here: 

A Wisconsin native, ranking as the eight coldest state and known for some of the coldest winters, Greg has lived there for 55 years. Growing up, he ran track and was a member of the swim team. Greg still believes in leading a healthy lifestyle being an avid member of the gym. He has a beautiful wife Maggie and they've been married for 43 years. A family he is so proud of, four children and nine grandchildren. All of the children have pets so there's several around all of the time. In his free time, he and his wife Maggie enjoy spending time with family and going on adventures.  


Spending summers in North Dakota working on the family farm with his uncle. He was introduced to all types of mechanical and electrical things. This motivated his career and also overflowed into his hobbies as well. Collecting old cars and outboard motors are few of his many interests. He currently has a 1969 SC/Rambler and eight vintage outboard motors dating back to 1930’s. He regularly attends local boat show and Vintage car shows with his wife Maggie. 


Finally, my favorite question to ask all of our FIRMAN team is, "What is your favorite FIRMAN product?" Greg loves "the Tri-Fuel generator because they provide so many options to power what you need." When you're living an adventurous life "power when and where you need it" is a requirement.


I hope you enjoyed our second "Faces of FIRMAN" interview. I am honored to be sharing our teams individual stories with you. 

Interviewee: Greg Marchand | Author: Megan Sturycz | Date: 2.28.22