The number one thing that separates an Amateur Tailgater from a seasoned pro is electricity. Amplifying your tailgate party with an electric generator will set you ahead of the curve and leave your guest asking you “when are you going to be hosting the next tailgate party.” Here at FIRMAN, we have a variety of Generators to fit every tailgate need.

Why Should I Tailgate with a Generator?

You have probably gone to multiple tailgates without a generator and you’re wondering; Why start using one now? Imagine powering the TV, charging phones, speakers, and other essential electrical appliances to help amplify your experience. Thinking of bringing out the RV? Don’t just think it – do it!

What Generator Should You Use for a Tailgate party?

You should always know what your electrical needs are, so you bring the right generator with you to optimize your tailgating experience. We have a guide on our FIRMAN website to help you with that.

There Are 3 Types of Tailgaters:

  1. Advanced Tailgater
  2. Expert Tailgater
  3. Professional Tailgater

Below we will list the various levels of what your tailgate could be when you invest in the proper generator.

Level 1: Advanced Tailgater

Once you bring electricity to your tailgate you begin stepping your game up to an Advanced Tailgater. This will be sure to set you apart from the pack!

You may prefer a charcoal grill over the propane grill, but you can also add a pressure cooker into the mix for added variety. Forget remembering bags of ice when you can hook up an electric cooler to keep your drinks ice cold.

A reasonably sized TV will keep everyone in tune with the game. And if there is one thing that people will keep asking you for, is if you can charge their phone. This will insure everyone stays up to date with stats, news, and any money they have on the line for the big game.

For the advanced tailgater we recommend our Dual Fuel Portable Generator - WH02942. The FIRMAN WH02942 is a 3200/2900W 30A electric start RV-ready portable generator, running on both propane and gasoline. It has parallel capabilities when extra power is needed.

We also recommend our brand new Zero-E Portable Expandable Power Station for clean and sustainable energy, that requires no fuel or maintenance, with the capability of stacking Power Pack units that add an additional 1040W or power. Stack up to 10 with your Zero-E FIRMAN Power Pack.

If your electrical needs exceed your generator’s output, you may want to consider becoming an Expert Tailgater.

Level 2: Expert Tailgater

You’ve seen what a small generator can do for an Advance tailgater. Now let’s explore the possibilities for an Expert tailgater.

We’re talking large TVs for the best viewing experience possible, powerful fans to keep you cool on hot days, and for those willing to try something new – electric grills!

For the Expert Tailgater we recommend our Performance Series Generator – P03628. The FIRMAN P03628 portable generator is a 4500/3650W 120V Remote Start RV-ready generator with a 14-hour run time at 50% load.

Level 3: Professional Tailgater

If you want people to keep talking about your tailgate party long after it’s done and be remembered as something of a legend, then you’re ready to be a Professional Tailgater. As a Professional Tailgater, you set the bar for what a tailgate party should look like. At FIRMAN, we pride ourselves on being able to produce legendary experiences and now so can you.

Adding on to what the Advance and Expert Tailgaters can power up, the Professional Tailgater brings the impossible to the party. We’re talking margarita blender, snow cone machine, and full speaker systems.

For the Professional Tailgater we recommend our Hybrid Series Generator – T07573. This FIRMAN T07537 is Tri-Fuel Generator running on Gasoline, Propane, and Natural Gas to suit all your tailgating needs. The Tri-fuel generator is a powerhouse of energy producing up to 9400/7500W and 120/240V of power with up to 12 hours of run time at 25% Load.

There are various levels of tailgaters, but one thing is for certain, having a generator will improve your next tailgate. Find the FIRMAN generator best fits your needs and provide an unforgettable experience for your guest.